Mrs Williams

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon. There was commotion in the garden, including barking. I checked and noticed that there was a cat in our apple tree. We silenced our two dogs and locked them up. Then we coerced the stray cat down the tree. While carrying the cat into the house I noticed that it had a tag. Initially I didn't understand the purpose of the tag, which included a QR code.

Being registered with Potea, I then realized what the tag was for. I took out my phone, and scanned the tag, whilst using my phone's Potea application. In a few seconds I was already typing details of where the cat is. I indicated that I had handed it over to the local vet and provided the phone and address details of the vet.

When I checked the vet two days later I was delighted to hear that the owner (an old lady) had already collected the cat. Two days later, I received an email from Potea that informed me of a reward for the cat. I didn't do it for the reward, but I was glad that somebody appreciated my effort.

Mr Mayo

We are still chuckling over this one.

I instructed my delivery truck driver to deliver 800 crates of expensive imported mineral water to a destination in the north, and he left early in the morning. Around mid-day I received an email from Potea that shocked me by alerting me to a kukama incident involving my truck. I paid Potea using my Paypal account, and in a few minutes received a load of photos and just a narrative.

The first photographed shock was that the truck was south west of the town, instead of north. The second shock was that the driver was with 4 other people, strangers. The third shock was that some of the goods had been loaded into a small van that was parked next to my truck. The fourth shock was that two photos suggested that the driver's assistant could not stand properly, appearing to be drunk.

I quickly drove to the site, accompanied by three security men. The moment I parked our SUV there was pandemonium as the startled people ran in all directions. The driver, clearly drunk as we suspected from the photos, ran only a few meters before giving up and then he knelt down. Crying, he asked how we knew what was happening. We phoned the police, who arrested the driver of the van a day later. We recovered everything, thanks to the kukama service.

Since then, all my delivery truck drivers are behaving well and we are no longer receiving reports that goods in our trucks were stollen by "unknown" people.


I enjoyed the big box of ice cream that granny bought for me. She said she had found a car that was abandoned. She entered the details of the car onto Potea's website and the owners paid her a lot of money because they had been looking for the car.

Now I am always on the lookout for abandoned cars.


When I was invited by my friend I registered my books and other assets with Potea because I am always mislaying some of them. Only two days later I lost my Ancient History notebook and could not recall where I last saw it. With exams only one week away, this misfortune was like the end of the world for me. I was really, really surprised and delighted when I received an email in my phone, from Potea. It told me that my book hadbeen found.

The funny thing is that book was in the restaurant across the road from where I lived but I never guessed about this.

I was made to pay US$3.00 but I can assure you that I was prepared to pay many times more in order to make sure that I get it back and pass my exams.

Keep up the good work, Potea! I wish you were there when I lost my favorite cat 5 years ago.

Anna Jones

Potea helped me find my wallet when I was travelling for work. I had left it in the cab. The wallet contained my ID and credit cards, and all my money.

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