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Have you ever lost something in your life? For example, your ID, your passport, your textbook,your notebook that is full of valuable notes for exam preparation, your handbag, your birth certificate, your dog, your cow, your horse, or your gadget. That has happened to me many times in my life so far.

What has happened to all the things that we have lost so far?

A lot of these lost items are piling up at police stations because there is no way of tracing them to owners. A big lot has been destroyed by those who came across it because something that is in the wrong place is trash. Others are on display at odd public places that you may never visit in the near future.

Are people so evil that if they find something that someone has lost they do not care to return it to the owner? No! Generally no! People like to do good to others. That is if it's not too much trouble to do so. And that is where our problem lies, for the whole world. People who find your lost items want you to get your lost items. But they do not know how to. It's a lot of trouble for them to find out who the owner is, and the owner's contact details. This is where Potea comes in.

Potea is the only world-wide automated lost and found property information company. You register your property with Potea, free of charge, and you will be informed by email when someone finds your lost property. As an example, if you live in India, but lost your property in Iceland, Potea informs you when someone in Iceland finds your lost property, even if by then you are back home.

You register free of charge. You will only pay a small fee, which is only for information about the whereabouts of your lost item, only when someone somewhere says they have found it. With that small fee, Potea is able to continue running its advanced computer applications that serve you from the cloud.

How is your list item traced back to you? If it has a serial number, for example an identity document, we use its number to trace it to you. If it has a Potea label, we use the label to trace it to you. You use labels for all items that have no serial numbers. That includes your pet, your handbag, your keys, and almost every other item that you value.

Who knows when you will need to potea something? Join Potea now, free of charge! After joining, do good unto others by inviting your friends through our website, free of charge.

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