About Us

We are Potea.
We are the first automated lost and found property information business in the world.
We allow you to register with us free of charge.
We help you find your lost items (bags, domestic animals, books, keys, passports, drivers licenses, household goods, etc)
We help you to do good to others by reporting to them, through us, when you find lost property that belongs to the others.
We help you prove to third parties how long you have owned an asset, if the need arises.
If you lost your item whilst you were in California, and someone has found it in Argentina, and you have now travelled further to India or China, we can still inform you, regardless of where you are.
We believe in the power of technology to make a difference to your lives.
We use sophisticated software in the background, but the service to you is simple.
We are based in Hong Kong in order to serve everyone on the planet Earth, and everyone in space, now and in future.
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