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    Get rewarded for items you found.
    We can find the owner for you.
    Whatever is lost can be found.
    Avoid lost item frustrations.
    You lost it? We can find it.
    What's lost can be found.
    You found a lost item?
    Keep your things Safe
    Never lose anything
    Are you lucky?
    Tension free
    Easy to use
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    Find your items
    Register all your assets for free
    Offer Rewards for missing items

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Corporate Owners or Transporters

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Success Stories

Mrs Williams

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon. There was commotion in the garden, including barking. I checked and noticed that there was a cat in our apple tree. We silenced our two dogs and locked them up. Then we coerced the stray cat down the tree.

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I instructed my delivery truck driver to deliver 800 crates of expensive imported mineral water to a destination in the north, and he left early in the morning.

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I enjoyed the big box of ice cream that granny bought for me.

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When I was invited by my friend I registered my books and other assets with Potea because I am always mislaying some of them. Only two days later I lost my Ancient History notebook and could not recall where I last saw it.

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